Urban Jungle is a office/tech/geek humor comic that was published from 2008 through 2016 on the web. Please enjoy the archives, or visit the store to enjoy the comic in book form.

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Zack Wilson

Species: Human

Occupation: Tech Support

Zack is the only human being in an office full of animals. He does developer support for a pharmaceutical software company. Single, thirty-something, and hanging on to the last shreds of his optimism. He was raised by wolves.

Phil Mallard

Species: Duck

Occupation: Tech Support

Phil is Zack’s coworker and best friend. Known for his vegetarianism, love of donuts, and lack of sports knowledge. A mild-mannered practical joker.


Species: Pug

Occupation: Housepet

Zack’s pet pug, though he prefers the term “roommate.” Cranky and self-centered, and more than a little naive about the real world.




Chuck Wilson

Species: Sheep

Occupation: Founder of “Facebaa,” the first Social Networking site for sheep. Owner and CEO of “Burrito Hutch.

Chuck is Zack’s adopted brother. Was a professional slacker until starting Facebaa, and is now independently wealthy.

Les T. Snake

Species: Boa Constrictor

Occupation: Regional Manager

The quintessential boss. Lives by his motto, “There are no stupid questions. Just stupid employees.” Once fired an employee by swallowing him whole.

Tasha Garden

Species: Armadillo

Occupation: Office Manager

The office manager where Zack works. She knows everything would go much more smoothly if everyone just did what she said. Often bewildered by engineers.




Bertie and Hugh

Species: Racoons

Occupation: Con Artists

Bertie and Hugh are the neighborhood’s small-time
scam artists. Bertie once confessed having feelings for Zack.

Eric Grizzly

Species: Grizzly Bear

Occupation: Human Resources Director

Eric is the office’s surly Human Resources Director (although the term “Human” applies pretty loosely to the employees). Exasperated by Phil’s lack of manly sports knowledge.

Bill and Mary Wilson

Species: Wolf

Occupation: Zack’s Parents

When Zack says he was raised by wolves, he’s not kidding. Bill and Mary are Zack and Chuck’s adoptive parents.





Species: Hamster

Occupation: Housepet (deceased)

Hammie was Zack’s pet hamster. What he lacked in size he made up for in brashness and ignorance.

Mike Macaque

Species: Monkey

Occupation: Tech Support

Mike is the office’s tech enthusiast. He hates the term “code monkey.” Once took a bereavement day for an iPhone.

Fred McFrog

Species: Frog

Occupation: Middle Manager

The office’s token middle-aged guy. Still saves his files on floppy disks and reads an actual newspaper.




Sharon O’Possum

Species: Possum

Occupation: QA Engineer

Zack’s QA nemesis when he wrote software. Dismayed that people think Quality Assurance just means testing.

Paul Trotter

Species: Pig

Occupation: Tech Support

Was once the new guy in the office. Professional dieter. Fancies himself a stock market whiz, but somehow is still working as a Tech Support engineer.

Randy Peters

Species: Rat

Occupation: Manager

A mediocre developer who was promoted to a mediocre manager. Once gave Zack the bubonic plague.




Melanie Fox

Species: Fox

Occupation: ?

Chuck’s sometimes love interest. Literally a real fox. More than a little intimidating to Zack.

Ed Goldman

Species: Goldfish

Occupation: Project Manager

Project manager in the office. Zack originally thought he was a pet, much to his later embarrassment.

Andy Pole

Species: Skunk

Occupation: Tech Support

The office’s newest dad. Has a knack for saying things that seem mildly inappropriate, then don’t, then do.